Who We Are

Feather & Wild is a manifestation revolution. We believe in fringe culture, leaping out of comfort zones, doing it scared, and doing it together.  We emblazon mantras across the hearts beating in our chests to inspire, encourage, and connect.

We take pride in providing shirts that are sourced with high eco-friendly and socially- conscious standards. Each piece is printed by hand in our Studio.

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Connect with us!

We have a little secret here at F&W…we really want to get to know you. We don’t want you to just join our email list so we can drown you with emails about buying our stuff, instead we want to have a two-way conversation with you.  There are three ways you can easily connect with us:

  • social media (look for links at the bottom of this page),
  • join our email list (behind the scenes and sneak peeks…and you can always hit reply and let us know what you’re thinking),
  • or join our Facebook group (link below).
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