Our Story

Feather & Wild is a manifestation revolution. We believe in fringe culture, leaping out of comfort zones, doing it scared, and doing it together. We emblazon mantras across the hearts beating in our chests to inspire, encourage, and connect. And you know what? We’re on the journey too.

We’re Dani and Josh, a wife and husband duo chasing down the New American Dream of self-employment, inspiration, and rampant happiness with our all star line-up, Karsyn (9), Brett (6), Elias (4), Carter (4), and Alex (2). 

The journey to Feather & Wild began long before either of us even knew it.

After moving away from family, starting a design biz, and burning out from it, I (Dani) began a journey into “woo” and my own spirituality. I asked a girlfriend one day, “Why are there no cool shirts for this culture?” That’s when the adventure of marrying woo-woo with wearable designs began.

We designed our first collection and began the hunt for a production partner, but didn’t find a company that fit our values. I started to sneak YouTube videos on production because I thought printing them ourselves was a crazy idea and was nervous Josh would say no to launching a screen printing business. But of course he’s a complete boss and was immediately on board.

Within one week, we ordered our equipment.

Our manifest t-shirt was our very first design. We shared it in an online entrepreneurial community to learn about people’s rituals around goals, planning, and manifesting, and the response shocked us. Everyone wanted to know where to get the shirt! We weren’t ready. Josh just looked me in the eyes and said, “So what? Do it scared.”

We built our website in two days and began accepting orders immediately.

Since then, we’ve started the Do It Scared Podcast for anyone and everyone who’s willing or wants to take risks, grow, and be totally themselves. We interview people who embody our tribe and our aim is to set realistic, relatable expectations to achieve this lifestyle.

Our heartbeat is to offer a place for people who don’t have a tribe and are looking for community. We also just love making kick ass shirts. We’re self-taught screen printers, the company we source our shirts from is W.R.A.P certified, and we are serious about being eco friendly and socially conscious.

We work our hearts out from our Michigan home when we’re not homeschooling the kids or cheering on the Royals like the diehard fans we are. Dani designs, we make our screens together, and Josh slings the ink. The kids are in on it too! Be on the lookout for Feather & Wild Child!

If you’ve been searching for your tribe, your people who’ll help you bust out of your comfort zones, do big things, and encourage the hell out of you, you found us. Manifesting is about getting clear on it and going for it. Follow your arrow. We’re shooting ours right beside you.

This is Feather & Wild.

We really love bringing joy to people’s lives through all mediums of design and we couldn’t thank you all enough for the support you bring us both here on Feather & Wild and over at Cooper Leigh Creative.

Never hesitate to reach out to us via our contact form, or directly at hello@featherandwild.com.