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The World Needs Women Caught On Fire

This piece originally debuted on my personal blog back in October 2014.  My life has definitely changed a lot since then and #fireworkpeople has morphed into something else entirely for the beautiful Ashley Beaudin.  But what I said still rings so entirely true.  In fact, I think the world needs us more than it did two and a half years ago.  Scratch that, I know it does.

We’re seeing these bonfires in the form of Women’s Marches and our campfires are becoming more and more important each and every day.  We live in a time where women can no longer sit quietly and watch things happen.  We have to own our stories, own our truths, own our beliefs, and let all of that blaze bright and hot.

The World Needs Women Caught on Fire | Feather & Wild Blog

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a fellow blogger who was looking for women who wanted to write for her blog tour: #fireworkpeople.

Since I am currently living in the irrational state of being called newborn-induced-sleep-deprivation, I said, “Oh, sign me up!”

Fast forward two weeks later and I have thought about that commitment exactly twice. The most recent of which was this morning when I realized today was my day! Well, crap.

So as I sit here this morning trying to comfort a cranky, reflux-y five-week-old, twin toddlers and a preschooler run amuck, the housework stares at me mockingly, and I’m desperately trying to remember if there might have been any other deadlines I might have forgotten…I find myself battling with the everyday self-doubt, but on a higher level. I don’t have any epic words of empowerment to share. I don’t have a dream worthy of sharing for this #fireworkpeople project. No, seriously, most days, my biggest dream is to finish my cup of coffee before it gets cold…for the fourth time. Or get the laundry into the dryer before it needs to be washed…for the third time.

As I’m wracking my brain for something…anything…worth writing about today, I’m scanning the assets that Ashley sent me when I committed to writing for her tour. And then I saw it:

Bring Your Brave. Tell Your Story. The World Needs Women Caught On Fire. | Feather & Wild Blog


Not women competing with each other. Not women judging each other. Not women beating each other down with negativity.


But what if I’m sitting here feeling like a stick of damp kindling? How will I ever catch on fire?

Let me tell you, it’s much easier to catch that little stick on fire if you toss it in a campfire than to sit there and rub two little sticks together hoping to make a spark.

It’s time to seek these campfires. And in a world of rain, that’s hard. The negativity on places like Facebook and the comments sections on blogs, mixed with the self-doubt caused by the highlight reels and perfect lives we see on Pinterest. They douse our tiny little flames.

But if we come together, all our little flames can build a roaring bonfire where we welcome other women into our warmth. Where we can encourage and empower each other. Where we find, chase and achieve those dreams we might not even know we have.


Maybe I do have a dream after all. (And any dream is worth sharing.) Maybe my dream is to encourage and empower women, in the hopes that somewhere in our little campfire is a woman who dreams of ending childhood hunger, curing cancer…or inventing the dryer that folds your clothes, too.

Let’s help each other catch fire. Let’s be brave. Let’s support each other; share our talents, skills, and wisdom; let’s be real.


If you’re looking for a campfire, join our community here: Inspire. Encourage. Connect. (Facebook Group).

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